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With new build property at a low ebb and developers looking for land on a massive scale, individuals can find the best deal by selling to a developer.

It is true that with high bank rates, tax incentives and rising inflation, new property purchases are very high, and developers are trying to keep a large stock of properties ready for sale.

Consequently, developers need to solicit as many landowners as possible to encourage them to sell their properties to build houses or flats.

This often leaves private individuals at a loss. It is actually quite tricky for a private individual to figure out whether their land, often even their land plus their house, might be of interest to a developer and if so, at what price, under what conditions and within what timeframe?

The website was created to answer these questions. First of all, it offers information on the very precise and specific issue of selling a plot of land to a developer. 

After submitting an online request for an estimate, the user then validates the criteria for the land so that the site can reach out to developers and collect purchase proposals.

The best proposal is offered to the seller of the land and the seller can decide whether to accept the proposal.

Just like a finance broker who offers not only a rate but the best offer for the client, acts as a broker for property developers and offers not just the best price, but the most suitable proposal for the seller: price, conditions precedent, deadline, financing, etc.

A seller often finds it difficult to negotiate with a developer because everything is new for them. The site enables the seller to dispense with these long and tedious procedures, allowing them to sell under the best possible conditions and within the shortest possible time, because patience and prudence are essential in these sales. enables the sale to be completed, which is what sellers and promoters want. The right first contact is the key to a successful sale.

We all have a good reason to work with LandBrokers!

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